CAMERA Expert Speaker Series 2022: Prof Egidio D’Angelo and Dr Claudia Casellato

Expert Speaker Series
CAMERA CAMERA Expert Speaker Series 2022: Prof Egidio D’Angelo and Dr Claudia Casellato

CAMERA are thrilled to be continuing their seminar series for 2022 with a talk from Prof Egidio D’Angelo, from the Human Brain Project at University of Pavia.  

Speaker: Prof Egidio D’Angelo and Dr Claudia Casellato: Human Brain Project

Hosted by: Dr Dario Cazzola CAMERA – University of Bath

11th April 2022 3pm at the University of Bath.

For more information please email [email protected].


Multiscale brain modelling: from neurons to virtual brains  and robotic controllers


Addressing the multiscale brain organization, which is fundamental for the brain’s dynamic repertoire, remains challenging. In principle, it should be possible to model neurons and synapses in detail and then connect them into large neuronal assemblies to explain the relationship between microscopic phenomena and large-scale brain functions. More difficult is to infer neuronal functions from ensemble measurements like those currently obtained with MRI, EEG, MEG or PET. Here, theories and strategies are considered for combining bottom-up models, generated from the principles of neuronal biophysics, with top-down models, based on network and ensemble representations, providing effective multiscale simulations in virtual brains and closed-loop controllers. All these models are data-driven and intersect tightly with large structural and functional datasets for construction and validation, providing insight on the mechanisms generating brain dynamics and unveiling hidden model parameters through optimization methods. These strategies are illustrated through examples taken from a long modelling story on the cerebellum, which is deeply implicated in motor and cognitive control, opening perspectives for robotics and neurology. 

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