Pooya Soltani keynote at International Congress on Sports Sciences

CAMERA Pooya Soltani keynote at International Congress on Sports Sciences

This week CAMERA studio technician Pooya Soltani presented his research at the 13th International Congress on Sports Science (Physical Activity and Modern Era). The aim of the congress is to bring together academic and administrative members of the world of sports science and to exchange the latest fundamental, applied and developmental achievements as well as moving in line with the needs of the society and sustainable national development.

Pooya was invited to give a keynote speech on his research in ‘Using virtual reality for detecting expertise in basketball’.

Dr Pooya Soltani, completed a PhD in sports sciences at the University of Porto, Portugal, followed by a post-doctoral research at Aix-Marseille University, France. With a holistic approach to physiology, biomechanics, and psychology, Pooya’s research centres on extended reality technologies and gamification to improve sports performance. For his PhD, Pooya explored the use of sports exergames for teaching, training, and inspiring real sports and physical activity. His post-doctoral research, used virtual and augmented reality to identify perceptive-motor expertise in ball sports.

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