Business Assistance Programme

Free Motion Capture assistance

Free business assistance

Are you an SME or Sole Trader active in the South West working in the Creative or Health sectors?

CAMERA are offering 12 hours FREE support and training to SMEs and registered sole traders in the South West as part of our ESIF funded business assist programme in two areas; Creative Arts and Health.

Qualifying companies will be able to access our state of the art motion capture facilities at University of Bath.  In addition companies will benefit from access to the technical expertise necessary to understand how motion capture can be applied to their pipeline and enable them to innovate new products and services where tracking human motion is a central element.


Motion capture can have huge benefits for companies who are keen to offer audiences digital experiences including:

  • Game design
  • VFX
  • Film production
  • Digital content creation
  • Theatre
  • Arts
  • Music organisations



For those working in Health roles such as Physiotherapists, Sports coaches and Trainer we can offer:

  • 3D scanning and Photogrammetry. E.G the scanning of an object, person or environment as well as post-processing.
  • 3D Motion Capture. Using high accuracy optical or inertial systems, the motion of people and objects can be recorded as well as kinematic and kinetic data related to their movements. E.G Gait analysis related to the use of an assistive walking product.
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality. For a company already using this technology, we may be able to provide help with creating or modifying virtual experiences.

Tapping into our expertise in working with commercial companies and accessing academic experts from the Departments of Computer Science, Health and Psychology will help you apply Motion Capture techniques to the need of your business.

To take advantage of CAMERA’s free business assistance offer

~ You need to be registered with Companies House or a registered Sole Trader

~ Your business needs to be an SME as defined by the European Commission (

~ Your business must have an operations address in the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership area (Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset or South Gloucestershire)

~ You need to meet the De Minimis state aid criteria – received no more than €200,000 de Minimis aid over the last three fiscal years (We will ask you to complete a State Aid declaration to verify this)

~ The applicant (you) should be the founder or the CEO of the business, and be the person who is responsible for driving the growth of the business

Please contact Creative Studio Producer Eva Martino if you would like to have a discussion in advance of an application:  [email protected]

Submit an application

Your application will be checked to verify whether you meet the ERDF eligibility criteria. We will contact you if we have any queries and to let you know the outcome.

If you participate in the programme you will be required to complete evaluation and impact surveys during and after the programme, and you will be required to provide evidence of jobs created, and products and services developed (if applicable) as a result of completing the programme.




We spoke to some our industry partners about their experience of working with CAMERA.


“EarSwitch Ltd needed a way to allow people to visualise a new handsfree interface from earphones, controlled by voluntary movement of the ear-drum; a difficult task to demonstrate an invisible control.

EarSwitch also needed to demonstrate it’s function as a totally new control for augmented reality headsets.
Pooya Soltani, with Martin Parson’s help, demonstrated the first control of Microsoft HoloLens using the EarSwitch, and successfully produced a promotional video demonstration for the EarSwitch.
CAMERA has moved EarSwitch to the next level of validation; visual demonstration being worth (more than) a thousand words.”
Nick Gompertz – EarSwitch

Crack Magazine

“We worked with CAMERA to create 4 x 3D photogrammetry scans of legendary St Paul’s carnival sound systems. These were then integrated into a web platform called Everything is Music. The stitching, clean up and above all attention to detail from Martin and the team at CAMERA was brilliant. They understood our needs and met them in time and with excellent quality.
This support allowed us to present a well documented narrative in a new and exciting way for Bristol. We now want to take this idea and bring it to other cities across the glove.”
Ben Price – Crack Magazine

Whiley & Co

CAMERA Business Assistance

This Bath-based SME, specialists in creative digital technology, turned to CAMERA to help improve the quality of the avatars in its online training applications. Harnessing the valuable understanding it gained, the company has now introduced a new-to-market product (creation of digital humans for emotional intelligence training) and is offering independent motion capture services and digital human creation for other companies needing interactive media content. Ossian Whiley, the firm’s founder, says: “Working directly with CAMERA allowed us to assess a range of techniques for recreating hyper-realistic digital characters, accelerated our learning and enabled us to make decisions at very early stages regarding production-ready pipelines. Our team could otherwise have taken months of trial and error to reach the same conclusions”.