CAMERA Host Women in TV and Film

CAMERA CAMERA Host Women in TV and Film

On 9th June CAMERA were thrilled to host members of Women in TV and Film to our Innovation studio at the Bottle Yard Studios in Bristol.

Women in TV and Film are the leading membership organisation for women working in media and it was great to invite them into our studio for an evening of networking and an Introduction to Motion Capture.

The event featured a live demo from Andrew Lawrence showing our motion capture avatars in action, turning Andrew into a World War 2 bomber pilot, and using facial capture cameras to show how the avatar can be controlled. The group also heard from Centre manager Rebekah Hole, Creative Studio Producer Eva Martino and Creative lead Martin Parsons about CAMERA and how the work we are doing and the research we are pushing forward are changing the way film and TV can be made in the future.

The CAMERA Innovation studio houses a Qualisys optical motion capture system within our motion capture studio which has a 12m x 12m x 6m capture volume. It was great to introduce this group to a world of motion capture avatars, facial capture and the vast possibilities that this technology is bringing into the Film and TV industry.

This project it funded by the European Regional Development Fund, HM Government and the University of Bath.

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