New opportunity to work within CAMERA

CAMERA New opportunity to work within CAMERA

We are excited to be recruiting for a new position with CAMERA. We are looking for a Research Software Engineer to work with Dr Christian Richardt.

To feel truly immersed in virtual reality, one needs to be able to freely look around within a virtual environment and see it from the viewpoints of one’s own eyes. Immersion requires ‘freedom of motion’ in six degrees-of-freedom (‘6-DoF’), so that viewers see the correct views of an environment. As viewers move their heads, the objects they see should move relative to each other, with different speeds depending on their distance to the viewer. This is called motion parallax and is a vital depth cue for the human visual system that is entirely missing from existing 360° VR video.

To achieve 6-DoF VR video that enables photorealistic exploration of dynamic real environments in 360° virtual reality, this project will develop novel video-based capture, 3D reconstruction and rendering techniques. We first explore different approaches for capturing static and dynamic 360° environments, which are more challenging, including using 360° cameras and multi-camera rigs. We start with 6-DoF 360° VR photographs (i.e. static scenes) and then extend our approach to 6-DoF VR videos.

The main focus of this job is to oversee the software development within the project team and assist with extending image-based rendering to 360° environments for enabling 6-DoF motion within a photorealistic 360° environment with high visual fidelity. The Research Software Engineer is expected to promote best practices with respect to software design, implementation, testing, version control and documentation.

Another focus of this job is to translate research algorithms into plugins for industry-standard software like Foundry’s CaraVR/Nuke, for example for reconstructing the 3D geometry of the environments from the captured images and videos of 360° environments.Our aim is to publish the resulting research and results in leading computer vision and computer graphics venues, specifically CVPR/ICCV/ECCV, IJCV and/or SIGGRAPH (Asia)/Transactions on Graphics, and to make our code publicly available.

You will join the vibrant Visual Computing group at Bath, which comprises around 30 doctoral students, 5 post-doctoral researchers and 7 academics, and presents many opportunities for collaborative work and shared publications.

This role is offered on a fixed-term contract with an expected end date of June 2021.

Informal enquiries should be directed to Dr Christian Richardt ([email protected])

You can read the job description, person specification and apply here.

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