CAMERA Welcomes New Research Associate

CAMERA CAMERA Welcomes New Research Associate

A warm welcome to Dr Laurie Needham who has joined CAMERA as a Research Associate in the Department for Health and will be exploring the use of markerless motion capture and other computer vision techniques for applications within sports biomechanics.

Dr Needham received his PhD in biomechanics and motor control from Cardiff Metropolitan University. His PhD examined locomotor regulation regulation in pole vaulters and how locomotor regulation develops as a skill. He joins us from the Biomechanics Department at Cardiff Metropolitan University as a Biomechanics Laboratory Technician.

His research interests include biomechanics and motor control of elite human performance, and how we can utilise computer vision and deep learning methods in biomechanics research.

Dr Needham said “I am excited to work with both biomechanists and computer scientists to explore new technologies for a range of biomechanical applications.”

CAMERA is very pleased Dr Needham has joined us and we look forward to sharing the results of his work in the future.



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