Dr Elena Seminati gives TEDx Talk

CAMERA Dr Elena Seminati gives TEDx Talk

Dr Elena Seminati gave a fascinating Bath University TEDx 2019 talk at The Edge.

This free event had 9 speakers covering a wide range of subjects, ranging from homelessness, disabilities, advances in the medical field and world policies. You can watch the event video here.

Dr Seminati is a lecturer and research associate at the University of Bath. She is interested in the biomechanics of the human motion, especially for clinical, sport and injury prevention applications. Her previous research has been focused on the relation between energetics and mechanics of different forms of locomotion and sports. Elena has been working on shoulder injury prevention in volleyball players, biomechanics of cycling and pathological locomotion in osteoarthritis affected patients and cervical spine injury prevention in rugby activities.

Dr Seminati’s research interests include lower limb amputees, pathological locomotion, sport injury prevention, musculoskeletal simulation, and motion analysis and my research approach includes both experimental sessions and musculoskeletal modelling of the human motion, in order to establish risk factors, prevent injuries/illness and improve performance.

You can explore her research portfolio here.

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