Achievement Unlocked : 03 July 2017

CAMERA Achievement Unlocked : 03 July 2017

Games Research across University and Industry Contexts

Directed at early stage postgraduate and research associates, this seminar will address different approaches to game-related research within academia and industry. We want to define what are the differences between research in university and research in industry, how to carry out studies both in lab and in the field, and how to evaluate and share results. Ultimately, the purpose of our seminar is to provide postgraduates with a sense of research in a context outside of their day to day work environment, so that they can make informed choices. For example, the seminar will illustrate novel tools and techniques that have recently been developed by companies.


9:00  Keynote from a representative of the CDE: bridge research between industry and university

9:30  Research games and entertainment in University

Speakers from Industry

10:30  Break

11:00  Research games and entertainment in Industry

Speakers from University

12:30  Share findings from University and Industry

Semi-structured discussion

13:00  Seminar closes


Daniela De Angeli

Daniela is currently a Doctoral Candidate at the Centre for Digital Entertainment, University of Bath, UK, where she is researching people’s behaviour with real and virtual objects in museum contexts.  As part of this research she is developing and evaluating a series of mobile and fixed augmented reality visitor experiences with the UK’s National Trust.  A key research theme in her work is meeting and managing the sometimes conflicting demands for entertainment and authenticity in making cultural heritage accessible. More info:

Daniel J. Finnegan

Dan is an RA with CAMERA (Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research and Applications). He completed an EngD at Bath before joining CAMERA, working with indie branded content producer Somethin’ Else in London. His interests lie in audiovisual perception in virtual reality (VR), and his work revolves around bridging psychological and software engineering to develop innovative applications. Working with the latest in VR hardware, he develops custom software solutions for audiovisual rendering to create truly immersive VR worlds. You can follow him on Twitter (@Lancophone).

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