Kingswood School Work Experience Placement

CAMERA Kingswood School Work Experience Placement

Last week the CAMERA team welcomed Natasha Thornton from Kingswood School as part of her 6th Form work experience placement. We’re very pleased to hear that Natasha enjoyed an opportunity to be part of a different environment and to learn more about how the centre works.

Oscar De Mello, CAMERA’s Commercial Manager explains that “CAMERA is really enthusiastic about engaging with the local community and schools in the region. It’s great to see how valuable Natasha found her experience with us and we look forward to welcoming more students to spend time with us in the future.”

With many thanks to Natasha for this overview of her experience:

I completed my work experience at CAMERA, shadowing Oscar; a very interesting week in which I learned more about how motion capture studios function. I also got to see how CAMERA works as part of the University. During the week, I helped with market research and compiling data, refining my ability to pick out relevant and important information and synthesise it into a more readable format.

I really enjoyed my week at CAMERA, particularly getting a sneak peek at the cutting-edge technology developed here in the research centre. I also enjoyed trying out virtual reality gaming and seeing exactly how this research was then applied in the field of entertainment. It was interesting to discover all the other areas in which motion capture can be applicable, such as sport, rehabilitation and healthcare. The idea of combining it with biomechanics to perfect things such as sprint starts or customise prosthetics was amazing and it was interesting to see how this was done. Overall my week has been thoroughly enjoyable and I have learned a lot from the people I was working with, both about how universities function and the inner workings of CAMERA itself.

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