Departmental Seminar : 21 June 2017

CAMERA Departmental Seminar : 21 June 2017

This month’s Departmental seminar, Wednesday 21 June, 12.15-12.45 in 2E 3.5, will welcome Dr. Gavin Kearney from the University of York. Gavin’s research involves spatial audio engineering and his talk is sure to be of interest to anyone doing VR related research.

Title: Immersive Audio for New Realities

There has of late been a global resurgence of immersive audio research driven by the development of Virtual and Augmented Reality systems.  Low-cost immersive VR headsets and distribution platforms for VR/AR applications have paved the way for motion-tracked 3-D audio delivery over headphones. However immersive audio content creation is not without significant perceptual, signal processing and production challenges. This talk will look at some of the grand challenges in the development of immersive audio systems for ‘new realities’ as well as current research at the University of York in this area. It will also explore applications of immersive audio for VR and AR that go beyond mere entertainment value and look to improve quality of life.


Dr. Gavin Kearney graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology in 2002 with an honours degree in Electronic Engineering and has since obtained both MSc and PhD degrees in Audio Signal Processing from Trinity College Dublin.  He first joined the University of York as a Lecturer in Sound Design at the Department of Theatre, Film and Television in January 2011 and has since been appointed as a Lecturer in Audio and Music Technology at the Department of Electronics. His research spans across spatial audio and surround sound, sound design for film, television and interactive media, real-time audio signal processing, Ambisonics and spherical acoustics, interactive audio systems and recording and audio post-production technique development. He also continues to work within industry as a sound engineer, designer and producer. He is currently vice-chair of the Audio Engineering Society Technical committee on Audio for Games and leads the AES ‘Audio for New Realities’ subgroup.

For more information please contact the Departmental Seminar Coordinators, Daniel Finnegan and Daniela De Angeli

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