CAMERA host MyWorld motion capture skills workshop

CAMERA CAMERA host MyWorld motion capture skills workshop

We were thrilled to welcome colleagues from across the MyWorld programme to the CAMERA Innovation studio at Bottle Yard Studios in Bristol this month.

As part of our involvement in MyWorld we are supporting skills training in Motion Capture. The workshop hosted by CAMERA Head of Studio Martin Parsons covered an overview of Motion Capture theory and processes; from the initial photogrammetry, the processing of scans into useable assets, and rigging them to accept motion capture, to applying the motion capture, and incorporating it into the film. It was amazing to welcome CAMERA partner Andrew Panton to come along and talk about how CAMERA have been helping him to re-create the untold story of the Dambusters using digitally produced avatars to make up extras in the film.

Thank you to all those who attended. We hope you found it useful!

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