Ghosts of Solid Air launches at London Film Week

CAMERA Ghosts of Solid Air launches at London Film Week

As part of our European Structural Investment Fund funded Business Assistance programme the team in the CAMERA studio at University of Bath worked with Bristol based multi award winning multi media studio Anagram who specialise in making interactive and immersive experiences for audiences. They were working on their brand new project Ghosts of Solid Air.

Ghosts of Solid Air, which launched at the 67th BFI London Film Week (4-22 October, 2023), is a 60-minute Augmented Reality story for your phone which takes you on a journey around London.

We did 2 Motion Capture sessions with Anagram, the first one to do some preliminary tests with their Unity project and the first iteration of ghostly characters Anagram had produced. This was to see how these kind-of-humanoid figures would look when mocap was fed into the project. The second session was a full capture day with a new character. Both sessions involved doing live retargeting, which involves mapping the performers skeleton data to the ghosts. We were then able to bring these retargeting setups into the capture software for the client to be able to review and visualise the characters being driven by the motion capture.  

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