Video games can have similar health benefits to jogging


Active video games have similar positive health effects on the body as traditional exercises, such as jogging on a treadmill, according to a new study. The researchers say these games could be used by type 1 diabetics as a more enjoyable way to stay active and manage their condition. Whilst sedentary screen time spent playing video games is often blamed for causing obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes, new research suggests that certain video games could encourage players to be more active.

Researchers from Brazil and the UK, including CAMERA’s Dr Pooya Soltani ran a randomised trial to investigate the physiological effects of ‘active’ video games, or exergames, where the gamer uses body movements to control the game and score points. Their results, published in Games for Health Journal, found that playing active video games gave very similar physiological effects to the traditional treadmill exercising, and blood glucose levels dropped to safe levels following both types of exercise.

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