CAMERA at the Bath Digital Festival

CAMERA CAMERA at the Bath Digital Festival

CAMERA studio technician and researcher Pooya Soltani will appearing at the Bath Digital Festival on 19th October 2021. His talk and demo ‘Virtual Reality Gaming for Physical Activity and Sports Training’ will cover topics such as the importance of physical activity, generation couch potato, active video games, sports teaching and practice as well as engagement.

After the successful introduction of active video games (exergames) and virtual reality, it is not clear whether they can be used for other serious purposes, such as education and rehabilitation. Through a series of biomechanical, physiological, and psychological analysis, we explored whether these games can be used for sports education, training, and motivation.

Join Pooya for a demo of the system, where you can embark on an adventure that will keep you moving. The adventure begins when a wicked, bodybuilding dragon throws the world into chaos. The world needs your help, and there is a lot of it to save!

CAMERA are thrilled to be back at the Bath Digital Festival which is taking place from 19th to 22nd October 2021 around the city of Bath and online.

You can catch Pooya from 9.30-1.30 at BRLSI. Find out more.

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