Digital Catapult and Seedcamp launch Augmentor

CAMERA Digital Catapult and Seedcamp launch Augmentor

Digital Catapult has launched Augmentor, an equity free programme in partnership with Seedcamp, to support early stage tech businesses developing applications of immersive technologies.

The 10-week programme will help advance next generation virtual, augmented and mixed reality early stage tech companies by providing technical and business mentorship from industry experts. The Digital Catapult Centre in London will be available to successful Augmentor applicants as a space to work and collaborate and participants will also have full access to a state-of-the-art Immersive Lab at the centre.

The entrepreneurs signed up to the Augmentor programme will be some of the first to benefit from the facility, which will also be used as a space for organisations to demonstrate new immersive technologies, view and develop content and conduct user-testing. The programme will close with an investor showcase due to be held in May.

CAMERA Director, Dr Darren Cosker will act as mentoring partner providing expertise on technological development and applications of motion capture for VR/AR. It will include offering a day in the CAMERA studio to a small number of micro-enterprises in the VR sector for testing of their ideas about incorporating mocap into VR games, and other content.

Find out more on the Augmentor website.

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