HCI Seminar : 15 March 2017

CAMERA HCI Seminar : 15 March 2017

There will be an HCI seminar held tomorrow, starring Annakaisa Kultima from the University of Tampere. This seminar will take place on Wednesday​ March 15, in room 1WN 3.11,  from 13:15 to 14:05. ​



In this seminar, the notion of game design value will be proposed and explored utilizing three design theory frameworks: Holm’s design values, Lawson’s guiding principles and Schön’s  appreciative systems. Game design, as other design fields, is affected  by the designers’ personal attitudes, beliefs and values. To gain a deeper understanding of design work by game developers it is imperative  to introduce the consistence and development of these design philosophies to the field of game development. The proposed framework  assists the organization of future research into game design values​



Annakaisa Kultima is Lecturer at University of Tampere​. Her​ experience includes different research projects in the intersection of creativity, games and technology. She has been conducting various game development and design related studies since 2005. She is interested on the creative processes and tools for enhancing different design activities and future technologies. She has been specializing in studying the creative process of game developers. She has also extensive experience on graphic design from desktop publishing to web-design and social media. She also occasionally write game reviews for Finnish game magazines.

Following the seminar there will be an HCI Lab Training in room 1W 2.58​.

More information about HCI Seminars can be found on the Bath HCI Group page.

[with thanks to seminar organisers Daniela De Angeli and Bingjie Yu]

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