Immersive Technologies Producer joins CAMERA and The Edge

CAMERA Immersive Technologies Producer joins CAMERA and The Edge

The University of Bath’s Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research and Applications (CAMERA) and The Edge & Andrew Brownsword Gallery have teamed up to create an exciting new Immersive Technologies Producer post to work between the two groups. Will Hunter, who joins us from We The Curious, will use content arising from CAMERA’s research work in motion capture, virtual and augmented reality and healthcare technologies to facilitate a series of novel, public facing productions at the Edge, and at other venues in Bath and Bristol.

We caught up with Will to find out more about this exciting new project!

  • Where have you come from?

I produce and design content for public events and installations that use art, design and technology to engage audiences with academic research. Over my time I’ve done this in many settings including museums, galleries, universities and music festivals most recently working with We The Curious a cultural organisation in Bristol.

  • What are your interests?

Professionally I’m interested in how we can use playful and novel approaches like art and performance to engage audiences with STEM subjects and technology. Personally I’m happiest when outdoors, walking, swimming or cycling and if I have to be indoors I’m either reading, in a theatre or a gallery.

  • What will you be working on?

I’ll be working across CAMERA and The Edge & Andrew Brownsword Gallery to create new experiences for public audiences that showcase the exciting and innovative technology and research being conducted within the group. I’d love to use the time to explore how we can utilise immersive technologies to enhance and extend the usual visitor experience – creating entirely new experiences and interactions with research.

  • What are you looking forward to the most about joining the University?

This is the only time I can say I’ve joined an organisation in the middle of a global pandemic. I’m looking forward to the challenge of thinking creatively to find alternatives way to showcase research without having to bring people together in the same room.

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