Dr Christian Richardt’s Tutorial at IEEE VR 2018

CAMERA Dr Christian Richardt’s Tutorial at IEEE VR 2018

Dr Christian Richardt along with the members of the organising team, gave a well received, ticketed tutorial at IEEE VR 2018.

The tutorial addressed the issue that near-eye (VR/AR) displays suffer from technical, interaction as well as visual quality issues which hinder their commercial potential. The tutorial gave an overview of cutting-edge VR/AR display technologies, focusing on technical, interaction and perceptual issues which, if solved, will drive the next generation of display technologies.

The most recent advancements in near-eye displays were presented providing (i) correct accommodation cues, (ii) near-eye varifocal AR, (iii) high dynamic range rendition, (iv) gaze-aware capabilities, either predictive or based on eye-tracking as well as (v) motion-awareness. Future avenues for academic and industrial research related to the next generation of AR/VR display technologies were analysed.

This video by Nvidia gives more information about the display technology:


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