CHI Paper 2018: VR Exergaming

CAMERA CHI Paper 2018: VR Exergaming

We are delighted that CAMERA have an exciting paper accepted to CHI 2018.

One of the big challenges today is to keep people healthy through sufficient exercise. In this project we developed a new method for improving exercise performance in a motivating manner using a VR exergame. Players can work out on an exercycle doing high-intensity interval training while wearing a VR headset and racing in a virtual world. Our method is an interactive adaptation of Feedforward, a type of training used to achieve rapid improvements by creating self models showing previously unachieved performance levels. The game lets players compete against themselves, making it a bit harder for them so they are able to surpass their own previous performance. Our method helped players perform better and also have a better experience compared to racing against a virtual competitor.


Barathi, S. C., Finnegan, D. J., Farrow, M., Whaley, A., Heath, P., Buckley, J., Dowrick, P. W., Wünsche, B. C., Bilzon, J. L. J., O’Neill, E. & Lutteroth, C. Interactive Feedforward for Improving Performance and Maintaining Intrinsic Motivation in VR Exergaming. Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, ACM, to appear

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