CAMERA Commissioned by Satore Studio for HIK+ Project

CAMERA CAMERA Commissioned by Satore Studio for HIK+ Project

CAMERA were honoured to be commissioned by London based immersive content creators, Satore Studio, to provide motion capture expertise and services as part of a project to produce an immersive experience promoting Johnnie Walker in Mexico.

Copyright Satore Studio 2017

“The inspiration for this project has been a mixture of people, places, history, innovation but mainly our country and the talent that has emerged from it. Mexico, and Mexico City in particular, is a tough but effective master, one that builds people to persevere, fight, survive and grow. One could argue that throughout the path that one walks down living and experiencing the city, can only be described like a labyrinth. Labyrinths reminds us of where we come from and where we want to go. The labyrinth’s function is to project and elevate some of the people from our country with exceptional talent such as the most recognised Mexican dancers around the world. We will be using their movement as that factor that moves our inspiration. Just like the human is, the labyrinth is also in a constant transformative state, it will be moving and transcending into faces of people we’ll be able to recognise.” Satore Studio, 2017

The Satore team constructed a digital maze, or labrynth in 4d cinema, and then re-drew a physical version in a gym in London. The CAMERA Studio team collaborated with the Satore team on the shoot session, capturing motion data for professional ballet dancer Isaac Hernandez using the Xsens motion capture system. The CAMERA team post-produced the resulting data and applied it to the Satore mesh to generate an animated character.

The resulting production was projected onto the side of the Torre Reforma building in the middle of Mexico City with an estimated 1 million viewers over the project’s duration.

About Satore: Satore Studio are masters in the creation of illuminated visual design and immersive experiences, taking your project from concept to activation, whilst communicating unforgettiable messages to a captivated audience. Our team of collaborative and in-house tech, development, design, art and sensory talent creates compelling and immersive experiences from concept to delivery, across lighting design, sculpture, architectural interventions, narrative films, sounds, single and multi-channel video works, event design, installations and live performances, from global launches to corporate, private or large scale entertainment events. Our clients and worldwide collaborations include Royalty, NGO’s, governments, brands and talent to the most esteemed art, design and tech pioneers, across the arts, fashion, entertainment, music, architecture, lifestyle, hospitality, film and sports sectors. We are committed to the advancement of a sustainable future by promoting innovative technologies and conscious design.

The final project can be seen more fully below:

Copyright Satore Studio 2017.

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