Computational Videography Seminar

CAMERA Computational Videography Seminar

Dr James Tompkin is visiting the Department of Computer Science on Thursday 13 July to present his recent work on computational videography.

When: 13 July at 14;15

Where: 5W 2.4


James is a new assistant professor at Brown University in graphics/vision/HCI, where he is currently attempting to attract students to Rhode Island via the irresistible state drink of coffee syrup and milk. He previously post-doc’ed at Harvard in Boston, USA for Hanspeter Pfister, and at MPI Informatik in Germany for Christian Theobalt. He studied for an EngD under Jan Kautz at UCL in dear old Blighty, sponsored by the BBC.


James will talk about recent work in graphics on consistent video filtering, including for camera arrays, which attempts to provide a general-purpose pure post-process to add temporal consistency to filtered video (with intuitive limitations).

James is also open to talking about any other past projects that might interest the audience, including slightly-farther-afield work on massive-scale brain connectomics, personalized learning visualizations, computational design for musical instruments, and robots that break physical security by manipulating basic human desires.

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