CAMERA heads to CHI 2023

CAMERA CAMERA heads to CHI 2023

CAMERA are extremely proud to support a wide range of research projects at the University of Bath. This year at CHI that research was most definitely on show!

Chris Clarke stand on a stage in front of a large screen showing a powerpoint presentation.  He is talking to the room;

First up was CAMERA Associate Chris Clarke with his talk “FakeForward: Using Deepfake Technology for Feedforward Learning” demonstrating how deepfakes can be used to support training of physical and psychological skills. The brainchild of Christof Lutteroth was worked on with some amazing students Jingnan Xu, Ye Zhu, Karan Dharamshi, Harry McGill and Stephen Black.

Crescent Jicol stands in front of a large powerpoint presentation giving a talk at CHI 23

 CAMERA Associate Crescent Jicol presented the first of his 2 talks “Realism and Field of View Affect Presence in VR but Not the Way You Think”. The paper gives fundamental insights into how technical and user factors interact to affect presence in VR. An epic undertaking led by Crescent Jicol with support from CAMERA PhD student Emilia Tor, Rebecca Dakin, Tom Lancaster, Sze Tung Chang, and CAMERA CO-Is Karin Petrini, Eamonn O’Neill, Michael J. Proulx and Christof Lutteroth. This project was funded by Virtual Reality Oracle project

Crescent Jicol stands on a stage in front of a powerpoint giving a talk at CHI

Crescent’s second talk “Imagine That! Imaginative Suggestibility Affects Presence in Virtual Reality” reveals that our ability to successfully experience an imaginary scenario as if it were real, affects presence in VR. This paper providing fundamental insights into the formation of presence was supported by a whole host of collaborators across University of Bath, King’s College London, and University of Bristol. The research was funded by the Virtual Reality Oracle project.

Izzy Fitton stand in front of a powerpoint presentation giving a talk at CHI

Izzy Fitton presented her paper “Dancing with the Avatars: Minimal Avatar Customisation Enhances Learning in a Psychomotor Task” which shows how important the instructor’s avatar appearance is when learning in virtual environments. Izzy has been supported by Chris Clarke, Christof Lutteroth, Michael J. Proulx, and Jeremy Dalton, as well as the studio team at CAMERA who supported her in creating her avatars. Izzy’s project is funded by the Centre for Digital Entertainment and PwC.

Last but no means least, some of the amazing work developed during the Bristol+Bath Creative R+D project was presented at the Late Breaking Work session. Ana Levordashka led a cross department group with the poster “An Exploration of Theatre Rehearsals in Social Virtual Reality”.


CHI 2023 was held in Hamburg from 23rd to 28th April with the theme “reCHInnecting”. The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems is the premier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). CHI – pronounced ‘kai’ – annually brings together researchers and practitioners from all over the world and from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and positionalities, who have as an overarching goal to make the world a better place with interactive digital technologies.

Roll on CHI 2024!!

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