Bath’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations

CAMERA Bath’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations

On Saturday 05 May, the University of Bath welcomed thousands of local people, and over 700 alumni, to join staff and students on campus for our first ever Festival. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate 50 years of achievement and to share all that is remarkable about our University today.

There was an impressive line-up with over 100 sports, arts and research activities for our friends, neighbours (and ourselves) to discover and enjoy. Tennis, judo, mini Olympics, chair making, musicals, face painting, black holes, fossils, steel bands, climbing, bath buskers, maths, submarines and microbial oils – just a taster of some of the things which went on throughout the day – not forgetting the Red Devils freefall team and our giant T-Rex and Robot wars!

The CAMERA team’s demo of our collaborative project with Marshmallow Laser Feast, Chameleon was particularly popular. Guests got to experience a multidimensional reality that spectators access through virtual reality, spatialised audio, 3D printing & video. The 360º exploration of the people of Mexico City examines the relationship between virtual reality, sight and touch in one of the world’s most populous cities.

A continuing programme of 50th Anniversary events can be found on the University’s webpages.


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