CAMERA expands the frontiers of human performance at the Royal Society

CAMERA CAMERA expands the frontiers of human performance at the Royal Society

CAMERA researchers were joined by Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition visitors at the ‘Lates’ event – Expanding the frontiers of human performance – science, sport and psychology – on 2 July 2024.

“Being invited to share our research at the Royal Society ‘Lates’ was a real honour,” says Professor Neill Campbell.

“Our focus at CAMERA is always on the application and development of our research into technologies that function meaningfully in a real-world context.”

“Sharing what we have done with a public audience in taking motion capture from the entertainment environment, showing how we have gone on to develop and define it for a sporting and health context, is an excellent way of showcasing our multidisciplinary approach.

Our philosophy is that this cross-fertilisation of knowledge and know-how – between faculties within academia and industry – is by far the strongest way we will make a positive and meaningful difference in the world.”

Our team guided visitors through an exploration of markerless motion capture research, with fun interactive visualisations of their muscles and joints through MediaPipe before being introduced to more complex open capture systems.

We demonstrated in real-time how the system takes visual data and translates this into analysis to improve Olympic athlete performance. We talked through how this technology is also being developed for use in clinical settings for rehabilitation.

Visitors were invited to take part in exergaming. Seated on a static bike and fitted with a VR headset participants moved their bodies to catch coins on a racing track in a 3D virtual landscape.

Researchers explained how using tools like this emotional and physiological responses can be monitored and used to enhance motivation and aid injury prevention.

The hands-on demonstrations of our sports performance, biomechanics, and Human-Computer Interaction research were brilliantly received by an audience bursting with curiosity and interest at having this opportunity to see what goes on in the lab out in the open space for all to engage with.

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