Motion Capture Innovation Studio

CAMERA Innovation Studio

What’s on offer?

From this July CAMERA is offering free workshops for Creative SME’s and Sole Traders active in the South West.

During a fun-packed and informative day, you’ll actively participate in live Motion Capture, shooting footage to animate a ready-made metahuman character. You’ll also learn ways to capture and animate characters for XR and immersive experiences in affordable DIY set ups.

The Sessions will run every Thursday from July, from 9.30 to 17.30.

Bringing together regional academic leaders with industry specialists and world leading training institutions, the team at CAMERA provides business support, training and product development expertise, to the region’s digital creative and digital healthcare SMEs.

Specific collaboration areas include; development of high end and affordable motion capture and analysis technologies for creative content generation for gaming, film, TV, VR and AR; dual location real time streaming of motion capture data for live performances; development of intelligent tools for post-production in VFX; development of next generation performance analysis and physical rehabilitation tools for the sports and healthcare sectors.

Qualifying companies are able to access a state of the art motion capture facility, including a new instrumented treadmill, for testing and data collection as well as general introductions to motion capture. In addition companies benefit from access to the technical expertise necessary to understand how motion capture can be applied to their pipeline and enable them to innovate new products and services where tracking human motion is a central element.

We offer a portfolio of targeted and tailored resources, including a motion capture workshop series and expert consultancy, to start-up and micro-enterprises. The workshops will be focussed upon TV, Film, VR, Live performance, Gaming, Retail, Engineering, Health and Sport. Businesses will gain access to the studio to trial new techniques and equipment, as well as access expertise from University researchers and project delivery partners.

This programme is delivered by CAMERA and our project partners; Bath Spa University and Bristol Old Vic Theatre School alongside industry experts at The Bottle Yard Studios, Bristol.

To participate

~ You need to be registered with Companies House or a registered Sole Trader

~ Your business needs to be an SME as defined by the European Commission (

~ Your business must have an operations address in the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership area (Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset or South Gloucestershire)

~ You need to meet the De Minimis state aid criteria – received no more than €200,000 de Minimis aid over the last three fiscal years (We will ask you to complete a State Aid declaration to verify this)

~ The applicant (you) should be the founder or the CEO of the business, and be the person who is responsible for driving the growth of the business

Please contact us if you would like to have a discussion in advance of an application.

Submit an application

Your application will be checked to verify whether you meet the ERDF eligibility criteria. We will contact you if we have any queries and to let you know the outcome.

If you participate in the programme you will be required to complete evaluation and impact surveys during and after the programme, and you will be required to provide evidence of jobs created, and products and services developed (if applicable) as a result of completing the programme.



About the Studio

CAMERA’s brand new second studio, at The Bottle Yard Studios, offers state-of-the-art digital innovation facilities, including a high-end motion capture array and an instrumented treadmill for high-end gait analysis.

The team at CAMERA provides funded business support, training and product development expertise. We make our research in novel applications of motion capture technology available to digital creative and healthcare SMEs in the West of England region.

We have a portfolio of targeted and tailored resources, including a motion capture workshop series and expert consultancy, to start-up and micro-enterprises.

Get in touch to see what support we can offer your business!