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Reimagining Opera in VR.

The challenge for REWIND from Welsh National Opera was to take two of the most beloved operas in history and use cutting edge technology to reinvigorate them for a new generation of viewers and fans.

The goal was to present both Puccini’s Madam Butterfly and Mozart’s The Magic Flute in a way that would allow for audience participation and interaction while preserving the elements that have made both operas enduringly popular.

The solution was to use virtual reality to deliver an immersive interactive VR experience and in doing so, make Welsh National Opera the first to re-imagine scenes from an opera in VR. The visual and auditory experience that is opera lends itself perfectly to VR and provides an interesting introduction to those new to the art-form while re-connecting with existing fans.  REWIND approached CAMERA to assist the project providing the motion capture required to create these stunning visuals.



The experience combined motion capture, animation, music, and technology to create a new artistic expression of classical opera, putting audiences at the heart of the experience. Rather than release an app, the experience was toured around the UK as a free event, making it as accessible as possible.

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With thanks to REWIND and The Welsh National Opera for use of images and footage.