New opportunities to work within CAMERA

We are excited to be recruiting for several new positions within CAMERA.

We are looking for a Research Associate in Visual Computing and Machine Learning and also for current students to join our new CAMERA Student Motion Capture Technician Team.

Research Associate in Visual Computing and Machine Learning

We are looking for highly motivated individual to work on an exciting new collaboration using visual computing and machine learning in the context of digital healthcare. The ‘RA Flare Profiler’ is an Innovate UK funded project between the University of Bath, Royal United Hospitals Foundation Trust and Living With Ltd to provide transformational new capability to Living With’s existing ‘Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis’ (LWRA) product. Utilising Machine Learning technologies, the proposed flare profiler will provide a very granular view of a patient’s RA profile, based largely on data collected from the patient from the convenience of their own home and comparing it to a wider patient population, significantly reducing the need for hospital-based specialist tests.

You can read more and apply for this post here.

CAMERA Student Motion Capture Technician Team

The newly formed CAMERA Student Motion Capture Technician Team are seeking two motivated, diligent and talented current students to support CAMERA’s research and commercial motion capture activity on a casual, hourly paid basis.

Motion capture technicians help capture motion data on shoots and then take the lead in motion editing that data so it can be used in research or commercial projects.

Existing skills and knowledge relating to the motion capture process, post production process and VR pipeline may be an advantage, but you don’t need to have done motion capture before to secure this post. More important is a natural enthusiasm in the technology area, a commitment to learning and development, and a professional attitude.

You can read more and apply for these posts here.



Written by CAMERA Centre Coordinator