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The Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research and Applications (CAMERA) has been funded by the EPSRC and the University of Bath. It exists to accelerate the impact of fundamental research being undertaken at the University in the Departments of Computer Science, Health and Psychology. CAMERA performs world-leading research in Intelligent Visual and Interactive Technology, underpinned by academic and partner expertise across both core EPSRC research disciplines – Computer Vision, Graphics, Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and AI – as well expertise in healthcare, rehabilitation, biomechanics, musculoskeletal modelling, sports performance, and psychology.

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Our Research

Research at CAMERA is underpinned by academic and partner expertise in Computer Vision, Graphics, Human Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence. This is complemented by additional expertise – health, rehabilitation, biomechanics, sport performance and psychology – which allows us to maximise impact in wider areas which would otherwise not be possible.

Leveraging this expert basis, we work with partners to generate impact and translate our research and technology across three themes: Creative Science & Technology, Digital Health & Assistive Technology, and Human Performance Enhancement.

Whilst the Centre has a series of ongoing research projects, both independently and in collaboration with external partners, we are always interested in new research enquiries or proposals from academia or industry.

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CAMERA has a commercial function which can deliver optical body and facial motion capture services. The CAMERA studios are equipped with state-of-the-art kit which can be hired on a day rate, including a studio technician to assist you with your project. CAMERA’s motion capture and full performance capture services utilise the very latest, cutting edge technology. Ours systems can record multiple performers – face, fingers, full body and final audio. Using face markers or markerless head mounted cameras we record all of the expressions and nuances of the face for full performance capture. 

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Innovation Studio

CAMERA’s second studio,  offers state-of-the-art digital innovation facilities, including a high-end motion capture array.  We make our research in novel applications of motion capture technology available to digital creative and healthcare SMEs in the West of England region. We have a portfolio of targeted and tailored resources, including a motion capture workshop series and expert consultancy, to start-up and micro-enterprises.

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Expert Speaker Series

The CAMERA Expert Speaker Series offers free, regular seminars which are open to all. The series brings leading experts from both industry and academia to the University of Bath.

The Expert Speaker Series supports CAMERA’s work to accelerate the real world impact of fundamental research across multiple disciplines. Our speaker series will showcase knowledge spanning our core research themes of creative technologies, rehabilitation and human performance to a wider audience.

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